Musical Instruments Sculpture Gallery 

Photo Credits- Real  and Barbara Eguchi, and Evan Paul

Sculpted by: Ken Nice and Evan Paul Kozaris                      

Located: Music Gardens-Hanover, Ontario, Canada

Brief History: It took over two months of cutting with water cooled

diamond saws, chisseling, drilling, splitting to get to the final shape.

The main piece of granite was over 12tons, we removed more than

2/3 of it. I call it a HARD LABOUR OF LOVE. Our overcoats and coveralls

would end up  cemented at the end of each day. Our hands would

ache as we hammered with heavy tools and chissels. An experiece I'll

never forget. The pics are of various stages and final product. 

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Rock arrives project begins Ken at work Sculpture started horizontal Crane lifts it vertical for final work Evan and Ken posing for the camera
Evan cutting the kettle drum fountain Evan in the dust cutting with saw Evan after   shaping polishing Evan polishing the sitting bench Sculpture  before details
The Music Gardens at Hanover, Ontario, Canada-final resting place Town folks enjoying the site Celebrations Ccllo View Cello and fountain, tuba, view
Another shot Sax water fountain view Anoter view of sculpture, kettle drum fountain and sitting bench Kettle drum fountain and scrulpture Evan having fun